April 2023:  ALL-A-THON is scheduled for Saturday May 27, 2023
2022 MLK Scholarships Milwaukee Recipients
December, 2022
June, 2022

Pictures from our All-A-Thon

January 2022


Over the first 45 years of this organization fund raising started from scratch (zero) each year.  We are excited to share that going forward things are different.   An endowment has been established at Greater Milwaukee Foundation and it currently has $50,000.  We are looking to add to that. 
Your gift to the endowment is a “forever gift.”  What does that mean?  As an illustration, your gift of $100 to the endowment will provide something on the order of (exact amounts depend on investment results):

$5 for scholarships next year!
$5 for scholarhips the following year!
$5 for scholarships for the next 100 years!
$5 forever!
“Sustainable” is a very popular word these days.  Well it applies here.  Your gift to the endowment will help make sure that this movement, MLK Scholarships Milwaukee, never ends.  It will help us to increase the number and amount of our scholarships over time. 
If you would like to help, you can go to  “Use your credit card.”  You can add your name to the list of those who have already helped us in this quest for sustainable support for MLKScholarshipsMilwaukee.

December 2021
This beautifuly quilt t features the images of the T-Shirt designs of the past All-A-Thons.

December 2021 Financial Update
We are proud to report that during 2021 we raised $25,171 as part of our annual appeal to support our mission of encouraging college education among urban students in Milwaukee.  2021 also saw us establish a $50,000 endowment at Greater Milwaukee Foundation that will provide us with sustainable long-term support!

Your financial support helped us pay $19,200 in grants to 16 students in 2021.  Our 2022 grants will total $23,000 to 13 students.

October 2021

Pictures from the 2021 All-A-Thon
The 2021 All-A-Thon
The 2021 All-A-Thon

January 10th 2021
The 45th annual MLK Scholarships Milwaukee Awards Celebration program was held on Sunday January 10th.  It was the first time the program was ever held virtually, and it was a tremendous success. 

The guest speaker was Ms. Karen Huff, MPS Educator, Ascension Fellowship Church.  $1,200 scholarships were awareded to 16 recipients, and the Rev. Ernest Glenn Community Service Award was presented to Rev. Marilyn Miller, a prior MLK Scholarships Milwaukee recipient and recently retired from the pastorate at Reformation Lutheran .

December 26, 2020
The 45th annual Scholarship Receipients Forum was held virtually and it was a wonderful event.  Receipients described their education goals as well as sharing a portion of their essay on Dr. King's quote, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
2020 Recipients!